Discussion Week 5Initial Post Your initial post should be a

Discussion Week 5Initial Post: Your initial post should be at minimum 250 words. Your initial post should be up by Thursday. In your post accomplish the following: Briefly state whether you think the results of your personality assessment were highly accurate, accurate, minimally accurate, or missed the mark. Explain why you think that is. You want to frame your response in terms of the content within Chapter 19. In brief, the discussion focuses on categories and members of categories. Note how the questions in the Getting Started Assignment are categories and the personality traits are categories are well. What you don’t know is how those categories overlap.For example, suppose you said you would feed the rabbit (this is the category of all who would feed a rabbit) and your personality test said you were willing to meet new people. If you thought it was accurate explain why you think that is (and if inaccurate, explain why you think that is).

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