Discussion topic In your opinion should corporations provi

Discussion topic: In your opinion, should corporations provide accommodations for their employees to practice their religion? Explain. Your comments must be substantive. Refrain from short postings such as “I agree’, “it is a good idea”, etc. You must clearly explain your position. The minimum number of postings is 3 for each module. Your postings must be over multiple days and in both weeks of the module. At least one of your postings must be in response to a classmate. You can read eBook’s Chapter 5&6 for this assignment.Please write a response to student A’s discussion.Student A: Absolutely not! I am paying an employee for a job and those job requirements will be stated in an interview, and if they agree to – or not to – that is their decision. As company management if I start making accommodation for one I must do for all. Basically, religious beliefs and views are individual and personal, these are not job requirements. (Unless you work in a religious environment.)In my government job, I am required to protect my employees against discrimination from others, regarding sexual orientation, religious views, gender equality to name a few. We represent a working environment, we do not accommodate religious practices at that environment. In my view, this is asking for trouble. For example, if I have one employee who is Seventh Day Adventist and believes that Saturday is a day she cannot work, yet she came on board to this job knowing full well we work 7 days a week. (We schedule off when we can.) They in all likely hood will end up working on a Saturday at some point in their career. My other employees get jealous and it becomes a tit for tat argument and fighting. That is why we try to keep it fair and state during interviews what is expected from the employee and expected on the job. When we state the requirements, an applicant will choose to work here or not. Every interview we perform, we have training and seminars for new employees. We have lengthy interview processes to cover our butt, and to make sure the new applicants know what they are signing on for. If it means we repeat and repeat, then have new applicants sign acknowledgement forms, repeat and repeat again—then we do. We are the government after all and over the years many things have changed, one being accountable especially with employees. Again no, we should not “be required” to provide accommodations for religious beliefs and practices, however if a company chooses to do so, good for them. Look at the company Google, their employees get free food and Starbucks coffee, can bring their dogs to work, get massage credits, and they can work ridicules hours, but this is the company’s policy. I do not know if they provide religious time for employees. As a general rule, I believe that religious practices do not belong in the work place.

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