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Discussion Post #4: Assessing Language and Cognitive Development

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Imagine you are still on the behavioral specialist team from Post #2 and this time you are asked to conduct an observation of language behaviors for a 2-year old child.

The child you have been asked to observe is Michael who can be observed within a variety of settings in the following video:Michael at almost 2 years old – Autism (Links to an external site.)Michael at almost 2 years old - Autism

http://www.cdc.gov/cdctv/lifestagesandpopulations/baby-steps-autism.html (Links to an external site.) http://www.cdc.gov/milestones (Links to an external site.) and Use table 10.3 in the text (Brassard & Boehm, 2007) as an outline for your observation recordings. Post your observation of language and cognitive behaviors to the discussion board. Be sure to list specific observations of his language comprehension and production (e.g., form, content, and use- Table 10.4) factors you observed, as well as more general impressions about the child’s socio-emotional, cognitive (presence/absence of skills listed in Table 11.1), and sensory-motor functioning. It may be helpful to compare your observations of this child’s behaviors with expected or typical developmental milestones. For a refresher review visit: