Discussion Board Topic Criminology of the Future?Based on a

Discussion Board Topic: Criminology of the Future?Based on all the videos and readings, what do you think will most greatly impact criminal behavior in the next 10 years? As our social interactions evolve, between people what type of impact do you foresee on criminal behavior? Identify two trends that you think will impact criminal behavior in the next ten years. Will the causes of crime today be the causes of crime 10 years from now? Will social interaction continue to be a factor?Deliverable Length: 1-2 paragraphs(200 words)+respond(around 50 words) Selim Genis Future CrimeAfter reading and seeing what goes on daily in our city is going to tell the future of crime we face. I think that social media can play a major roll in crime of the future. The reason why i see that is because everything we do or buy is always put on any type of social media such as Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and Snapchat. Everyone is watching you make your next move which can lead to your final move. Rival gangs and others do watch people on Facebook and look at recent check-ins or the spots they hang out at can lead to them being their next vicitim. An incident happened last year here in Chicago when an young male was on Facebook live when a rival gang found out where his where abouts were they pulled up and shots were fired towards him and was murdered. There was also a time on the news when a family I believe in South Carolina tagged themselves in an airport and someone on their friends list broke into their home and robbed them of their jewelry.I just think people are too open in our day and age and what they do not know that it will effect them one way or another.

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