Discussion and response it or similar business project | BA 602 Management Information Systems | Campbellsville University

Research from three (3) academically reviewed journal articles, describe an IT or similar business project you have done, are currently doing, or would like to do. This should be original and not copied from the internet. In your discussion, provide information on the following:

1.  What is that project? Provide complete description. Consider using PPM.

2.  What was the scoop, deliverable, and results of the project?

3.  What constraints did you experience and how did you/will you handle them?

4.  If you had to do the same project again, what changes will you recommend?


Use APA 6 format

Discussion initial post 300 words

Read and respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ posts 150 words minimum. 

More information is attached