Discussion about white collar crime

Impunity and white-collar crime is our final discussion topic.  How might impunity relate to why some people commit white-collar crimes?  “Impunity” involves insulation from punishment.  The International Justice Research Center website might give you some interesting specific cases where impunity and state crimes seem intertwined.  

Consider the perhaps special relationship between impunity and crimes against humanity and other state crimes (e.g., Nazis’ final solution, My Lai, Love Canal).  More specifically, (A) How might white-collar offenders’ greater resources (e.g., money, connections) influence the criminal justice system’s response to their law breaking, and (B) how might knowledge of (A) influence someone’s decision whether or not to commit a white-collar crime? 

Also, respond to the following discussions posts : 

1- The greater financial resources of the rich white-collar offender can cause them to evade arrest from time to time as they can afford to hire prime lawyers who are able to use every technique or influence that they have to get their clients off the hook for a crime. This, in turn, can cause District Attorneys or other possible plaintiffs to be deterred from charging an individual with a white-collar crime as they may get away with it because of the thereat of their impressive legal team as well as the difficulty to prosecute these crimes based on the nature of explaining these crimes to a jury. This causes many of these cases to be settled out of court. Because of this relatively lenient punishment for many white-collar cases, these crimes can occur more often. When a punishment is a lighter penalty than the benefit of the successful crime, that crime often occurs more as the risk is low and the chance of return is high. Its simply an efficient, albeit illegal, investment at that point. This is why efforts to prosecute white collar criminals must be increased. 

2- If one can get away with it, then they will most likely commit a crime. Impunity, or immunity, from a crime can cause dramatic change when it comes to a trial. White collar crime and money go hand and hand, so if a white collar criminal knew they could get away with it then they would commit the crime. Situations like these can really be used when someone is really rich. It is said that really rich people are really difficult to prosecute in white collar crimes, as they have very good lawyers and corporations working for them. Also, when it comes to being rich, money is their greatest resource and asset. Corporations specifically do not want the bad publicity, so if a white collar crime were to occur then they will avoid the press. In some cases as well, white collar criminals are doing their illegal activities to protect the company, so there is that to factor in as well. The government cannot always capture white collar criminals, especially rich ones, so mostly poor white collar criminals are the people being captured. A topic like this one is really difficult for the government to go along with, as there are many factors to go through in this situation.

3- The financial resources that the rich white-collar offenders have are more helpful and more available compared to those that are not considered rich. Those offenders that are considered to be rich have the opportunities to help themselves get out of trouble and can hire the highly named professional lawyers to help their case. Those individuals that are not considered to be rich, they are unable to get those types of resources, which leaves them dealing with the consequences to their actions—which in a sense, is acceptable but rich or poor offenders should both be responsible for their actions and del with the consequences. In a case where this could happen, I feel that attorneys have a hard time charging these individuals because they feel like they already know that these individuals are just going to get off with no consequences. Therefore, I believe that in a sense, these types of crimes and punishment are breaking the system since those that can actually afford the best lawyers that can help them get off free. 

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