Digital & social media strategies presentation

Many digital and social media sites are widely used in marketing strategies.

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker’s notes and visuals elements.

Complete the following in your presentation:

  • Identify a company that could benefit from better use of social media.
  • Analyze at least 10 digital and social media channels and describe the strengths and weaknesses of each of these as a marketing tool for this company.
  • Design an online strategy that maximizes the use of some or all of the digital and social media channels, as appropriate, based on your team’s analysis.
  • Determine key performance indicators to measure the success of the online strategy.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

Below is the outline for my portion of the marketing plan elements – target market and marketing goals. I want to make sure you have this to reference as we further build the marketing plan.

Marketing plan elements

i. Identify targets for promotion

Home Depot primarily caters to three types of customers:

1. Do-it-yourself customers such as homeowners

2. Do-it-for-me customers include those looking for third parties to provide installation services. 

3. Professional customers include contractors, builders, traders, interior designers, and renovators, among others.

4. Generation: baby boomers are Home Depot’s most important customers. Accounts for about half of Home Depot’s revenue. 

5. Fastest-growing segment in home ownership are millennials. Home Depot sees the younger generation as more interested in do-it-for-me services and as particularly value-conscious.

6. Gender: men are more desirable customers than women as they spend, on average, 30% more at such stores. 55% of customers are male, while 45% are female. 

7. Age: The average age of a Home Depot shopper is 50 years old

8. Income: Average income of $60,800 

ii. Establish goals for promotion

1. Increase brand awareness

2. Retargeting and promotion of customer loyalty

3. Generate leads and sales

4. Increase digital engagement 

5. Enhance customer experience in digital ecosystem