Developmental psychologists are not interested in

1-Developmental psychologists are not interested in:
– cultural value systems
– behavior modification
– the processes of change and constancy
– children’s behavior patterns
2-the following fundamental human development issue focuses on the degree to which genetic or hereditary influences and experiential or environmental influences determine the kind of person one is:
– nature-nurture issue
– continuity-discontinuity issue
– universal versus context-specific development issue
– psychodynamic-psychosocial issue
3-the first comprehensive life-span view was developed by….?
– Lawrence Kohlberg
– Erik Erikson
-Jean Piaget
-Lev Vygotsky
4-when conducting scientific research, the…….of a measure refers to whether it really measures what researchers think it measures.
5-when looking at growth in a human embryo, the head develops before the rest of the body. Such growth from the head to the base of the spine illustrated the ……principle.
6-Postpartum depression affects approximately
-10 to 15% of new mothers.
-20 to 25% of new mothers.
-50 to 60% of new mothers
-all new mothers
7-an apgar score of……. Or higher indicates a baby is in good physical condition.
– 3
– 5
– 6
8-research shows that temperament………..
-cannot be identified until an infant is 6 months of age.
-is somewhat stable throughout infancy and toddler years
-is not stable at all throughout infancy and toddler years
-should not impact the types of experiences parents provide
9-you are rolling a toy truck to Tim, and infant, when the truck rolls out of sight. If Tim makes an effort to search truck the is exhibiting.
-object permanence
10-most scientists believe that complex emotions surface at about what age?
– 0 to 6 months
– 6 to 12 months
– 12 to 18 months
– 18 to 24 months
11-the following technique is not recommended to foster altruism in children:
-modeling warm and caring behavior
-warm and supportive discipline
-harsh and threatening punishment
-giving opportunities to help and cooperate with others
12-intellectual disability is classified as having a score of…… ….or less on intelligence test such as the Standford-Binet.
13-according to Diana Baumrind, the following parenting style offers warmth and caring but little parental control. These parents generally accept their children’s behavior and punish them infrequently.
-authoritarian parenting
-authoritative parenting
-permissive parenting
-uninvolved parenting
14-in the following type of child abuse, children do not receive adequate food, clothing, or medical care.
– neglect
15-During adolescence, girls typically begin their growth spurt……….
-about 2 years before boys
-about 2 years after boys
-at the same time as boys
-at age 9
16-adolescent suicide is more common in this group than in any other group.
-african American
-native American
-latino American
-european American
17-during adulthood, women base their friendships on intimate and emotional sharing, while men base their friendships on ………
-getting together to discuss personal matters
-intimate and emotional sharing, just like women
-common conflicts and problem-solving
-shared activities and interests
18-……… the number of years that a person is free from debilitating chronic disease and impairment.
-average life expectancy
-useful life expectancy
-maximum life expectancy
-minimum life expectancy
19-in general, older adults are………..about death than any other age group.
-less anxious and more accepting
-more anxious and not accepting
-more anxious and less accepting
-equally anxious
20-according to Elisabeth kubler-ross, people in the………..phase look way out or try to strike a deal when learning about an impending terminal illness.