DescriptionWeek 2 Individual Project 1Deliverable length 2

Description:Week 2 Individual Project 1Deliverable length: 200 – 250 wordsCourse Objective(s):Analyze a set-up of a bar for serviceExplain various bar equipment and smallwaresAssignmentBar equipment must be suited to the drink menu of an enterprise, just as kitchen equipment must appropriately service a food menu. All equipment must meet health department sanitation requirements and must be kept in top condition, with special attention to temperatures and pressures and the right conditions for proper functioning. The right equipment, arranged for maximum efficiency and used and maintained with respect for its function, can be one of the best investments a bar owner can make. At least a dozen tools, called smallware, make up the bartender’s arsenal. These enable him or her to make garnishes, measure, pour, stir, strain, and complete other necessary tasks.Describe what guidelines you would use in deciding what equipment to buy for a brand new bar.Explain for what types of beverage service would an electronic pouring system be considered appropriate and where would it be inappropriate.Give reasons for your answers.

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