Demonstrate knowledge of current legal and ethical principles and their impact upon healthcare practice – Essaylink

Upon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of current legal and ethical principles and their impact upon healthcare practice
2. Critically evaluate and relate current ethical principles to healthcare practice and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of healthcare legislation that impacts on healthcare
3. Critically debate the role of the healthcare professional in relation to the decision- making processes from a legal and ethical perspective
4. Critically appraise the application of major ethical decision frameworks in practice
5. Critically debate the legal obligations and associated ethical dilemmas that healthcare professionals may encounter in the context of professional practice
The assignment is a 3000 words case-study. You should choose a scenario – could be something discussed in class or something you have read about. Please avoid any area of your personal clinical practice.
Please be sure to address the assignment brief – the essay should have:
1) First paragraph – An introduction – give an overview of the use of law and ethics in healthcare and support your work with references to the pertinent literature. Give a statement that that confidentiality has been maintained and reference NMC (2015). Remember to keep all names fictitious – don’t use any individual’s name or give the place
2) Next paragraph – Give the scenario – give an overview of the case (scenario) . Just keep to the facts of what happened. No need to mention drugs / medication.
3) The next paragraph – follow on your work from paragraph one and continue to debate/discuss law and ethics to progress your work. Make use of the weekly sessions and the ethical principles (discussed in class) to debate the scenario – debate the law. Even if your case does not relate to mental health directly, you should discuss mental health law and consent in children
4) Progress your work logically – use the learning outcomes to help you progress your work in a focused manner – Take care – You are NOT the judge of the jury – your role is to keep objective and debate the case from a legal and ethical perspective. Keep to the facts
5) Give a summary – and conclude your work to the key points in your work – give recommendations for practice
6) Check your grammar and referencing system throughout – including your reference list