Define logistics engineering | English homework help – Essaylink

1)  How would you define logistics engineering? How does logistics engineering relate to system engineering? (250 words)

2)  Review the Hazmat Incident Map and consider how this site is important and can be used for those who ship, transport, or receive Hazmat.Link: 

Review the Wiser website and consider how this site is important and useful to first responders.

Link:  (250 words)

3)  a. Consider the Rescola story, what should offices in skyscrapers and large buildings do other than plan for evacuations?

b. Imagine the employees who objected to the training: what would be persuasive messages to them? 

c. The 1993 attack was considered a prodrome by Rescola. Why didn’t others see it?

d. In a crisis situation, using the image restoration theory, how could an organization determine which publics should receive which messages? Why would you send different messages to different publics? (250 words)

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