Dear Study Pool Tutors In accordance with the above task ki

Dear Study Pool Tutors In accordance with the above task, kindly ask the specialists before writing the assignment to observe and comply with the following points :-Guidelines that could help to prepare your assignment 1) In what ways has Jeff Immeltredirected the strategy of GE? Thequestion is about the new road-map that was put by Jeff Immelt regarding GE’sStrategy. In this connection and as you might be aware, Strategy directionsentails two important decisions: Find them out and state what he has done inthis respect.2) To what extent is the strategyaligned with:a)The requirements of the 21stcentury business environment? Thisis about how Jeff Immelt’s strategy is fit with external factors (all elements)b)GE’s resources &capabilities?Thisis about how Jeff Immelt’s strategy is fit with internal competencies of GE.Does GE has the required Core Competencies to implement the recommendedstrategy?3) What organizational changes hasthe new strategy necessitated? Will GE be able to successfully execute the newstrategy?Again,this is a clear question on the ‘organizational changes’ undertakenby Jeff Immelt at GE. Further, as for ‘Will GE successfully execute thestrategy’: we could state the challenges that might be faced.4) What alternative strategiesshould GE consider?Thisquestion is about What should GE think of and consider if the recommendedstrategy proved to be unsuccessful or hard to implement? What are thealternative strategies and options available to huge corporate in thatcase. Finally, Review your report forEnglish misspellings and grammar before submission and please note that I amnot allowed to receive drafts of assignments from students. As such, please refrainfrom sending me drafts to check. Last remark: Please note that,due to the considerable number of students in this in-take (Cohort 13)extensions for late submission of this assignment #2 (GE Case) is hectic &would not be possible as I have to finish marking all papers and prepare forthe next in-take workshop, The matter that is extremely difficult duringsummer.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–In addition :- Before getting started, please read the questions carefully, and exactly what is required, the answer must be convincing.*** Read the questions and focus on the answer ***Assignment title: GE Case StudyThe purpose of this assignment is to: a) test the student’s knowledge of the core concepts, models and frameworks taught in the module and relevant to the strategy process.b) allow the student to apply their learning in the module to date in a case study analysis and to present their findings in a high level report format.Assessment TaskIn what ways has Jeff Immelt redirected the strategy of GE? (25%)To what extent is the strategy aligned withThe requirements of the 21st century business environment?GE’s resources & capabilities? (30%)What organisational changes has the new strategy necessitated? Will GE be able to successfully execute the new strategy?(20%)What alternative strategies should GE consider?(25%)Target word count 3,000 + or – 10% (excluding appendices)

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