Database project – please see attached

I had a database project but not all the information has been provided.  I already have the database created by the specs have to be followed according to the course outline.  I still need to have the following completed:


1.  Functioning Database – ERD – Normalized Data Model – SQL code used to create your DB Schema – Contents of the DB Tables (minimum 10 records per table)

2.  Functioning Forms – You must have at least one form allowing ECI customers to a car in. – You must be able to use your forms to INSERT, UPDATE, and _.DELETE any record within your database

3.  Functioning Reports You must be able to run your reports, based on 10 queries of your preference. 4 queries must involve at least 3 tables, and another 4 queries must involve at least 4 tables.


I have attached the database and the report submitted by previous teacher.  I need this by 7:00 PM today.  No later.