Cultural & ethnic studies: what is racism?

Essay: What is Racism?

Do not ever use Wikipedia, CliffNotes, or other such encyclopedic references

On page 105 of Allan Johnson’s Privilege Power and Difference, second edition, the following definition of racism is given:

“Racism is he patterns of privilege and oppression themselves and anything—intentional or not—that helps to create or perpetuate those patterns.”

This is the basis definition of racism that we will use from this point on in class, so it is vital that you understand this specific definition of the term.

Our Class Definition of racism is as follows:

The patterns of privilege and power granted to one group over others based in race.

In an essay 2 pages in length, APA Citations where appropriate

1. Explain this definition of racism; what does it mean? Give an example of a pattern.

2. Then discuss how Johnson’s definition racism differs from your understanding of racism that you used in our first class discussion.