cultural competence and vulnerable population

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Present a paper on what cultural competence is in health care and a detailed example of a vulnerable population in healthcare- describe their status and why vulnerability is present.

This paper is a good beginning to start to practice all APA guidelines and presentations- I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to take your time and use your notes and resources provided to complete your APA as best to your ability.

This will lay the ground work for notes to apply to ALL of the following of your assignments throughout this course.



Cultural competence in healthcare


Vulnerable populations in healthcare- status and reasons for vulnerability


Accurate spelling, grammar, professional tone, sentence structure, and paragraph flow. A full paragraph is minimal of three complete sentences.


Proper APA format and references:

Third person (no I, you, we, or us). Example: A vulnerable population would be.. The writer noted cultural competence to be… An example of ___ would be..

Intext citations- at end of sentence present (Author, year).

Reference page- indent every line after the first.

APA formatted pages and presentation of running head proper on first page and all other pages

Remember- LEFT COLUMN in course has numerous resources for APA


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