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Infrastructure for a Small Firm

For Option #1, you will develop a technology project proposal that outlines a technology plan for a small firm. In Option #1, you have been hired as an IT expert by a small firm to set up an office for 20 staff members, half of whom will work with desktop computers, and the remaining with laptop computers using wireless networks. The office will use one networked laser printer, accessible both from the desktop and laptop computers. The desktop computers will use a wired network, while the laptop computers will employ a wireless network to print and access the internet.

You will incorporate Phases 1 – 2 in your Portfolio Project as a technological proposal. Phases 1 – 2 serve as the basis of the project deliverable section in the technological proposal, which you will submit as a full project (Phase 3) in Module 8.

Keep in mind that you will update the project deliverable section as you complete different phases.

Phase 1:

Statement of the Problem or Need:Write a description of the purpose/need/rationale for a small firm. What problem(s) are you planning to solve for a small firm?

Project Deliverables:Write a description of the necessary hardware components and software to set up computer systems for the business/firm. Phase 1 of the Portfolio Project is due in Module 3.

Phase 2:

Project Deliverables:Write a description of the computer network hardware necessary to set up the computer networks and the necessary software and protocols.

In Phase 3, you will include revisions based on feedback from your instructor, and you will incorporate what you have learned throughout the term. Your technological proposal should include the following:

Statement of the Current Problem:Describe the purpose/need/ rationale for the IT project. What problem is this IT project designed to address?

Project Deliverables and Beneficiaries:Describe the objective of the IT project. What is the IT project to achieve, create, or deliver? Please identify who will derive a direct benefit from the expected outcome.

Time Factors:Are there any time factors, such as deadlines, that should be considered in your IT implementation proposal? Create a timeline for implementation.

Qualifications:Write a short description of your qualifications.

Project Assumptions and Constraints:Are there any assumptions made so far or constraints identified in the project? Are there any constraints or anything that would restrict the ability to achieve the IT project objectives successfully?

Project Risks:Are there any risks associated with the IT project? For instance, will there be data that should not be available to the public? Are there any risks that might prevent a successful project outcome?

Project Expenses:Please indicate what IT expenses will be associated with this project as well as the sources for funding. Provide the most accurate estimates that you can, which includes the cost to complete the project and maintenance after the project.

The Portfolio Project should meet the following requirements:

10 – 12 pages (minimum) in length, not including the cover and reference pages.

Formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.).

Cite a minimum of 5 – 7 sources, five of which should be academic peer-reviewed scholarly sources and in-text citations to support your responses, in addition to your textbook. The CSU-Global library is a great place to find these resources.

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