Critical thinking assignment 2 (business and government)


Overview:  In this assignment, you will be asked to use your critical thinking skills to assess the different perspectives about business-government-civil society interactions and describe your personal philosophy after reviewing the material for the assignment.  Approximate length 1-2 pages (250-500 words).


  1. Step 1 Read, view, and listen to the assigned materials to Class 6 (Business, government and civil society).
  2. Step 2  Reflect on what you conclude from these sources in terms of defining and describing your own philosophy and views about the interaction between business and government.  This should be a statement of your philosophy that reviews and critically evaluates these interactions.  
  • Critically assess these different perspectives about business-government interactions? What assumptions are made?  What implications are there of the views? Make specific reference to concepts and authors and individuals in the materials. 
  • How would you articulate your philosophy as it relates to the best strategy for business to interact with government?
  • What do you take from these perspectives that represents the kind of businesses you want to work for or start?
  • What is important to you in the leadership and brand of a company that would align with your perspective on the purpose of business?
  1. Step 3 Identify an example of a business approach that has been successful to the company in partnering with government.

Grading Rubric:

Criteria for grading— understanding of concepts and ideas, quality of critical analysis, thoughtfulness of personal perspective, quality of organization and writing




I have completed what is expected of me in a timely manner and with quality.  I have thoroughly and completely responded to the different parts of the assignment with a thoughtful, well-reasoned, and well written argument.

A- (92)

I have completed what’s expected of me in a timely manner and with quality.  The organization and/or written expression could be a bit more clear.   

B+ (88)

I have completed what’s expected of me in a timely manner and with quality.  Parts of the assignment could be developed a bit more or explained a bit better, and the quality of writing could be improved a bit.


I have completed what is expected of me in a timely manner.  The quality and thoroughness of my analysis could be enhanced and developed more.  My writing and organization could be improved.

B- (82)

I have completed what’s expected of me.  The quality and length of my analysis could be improved in a variety of ways, including my depth of analysis, support, and thoughtfulness of my responses.


 I completed the assignment, but it was not timely and lacked thoughtfulness and quality in terms of understanding the main ideas, critical analysis of the ideas, and the clarity of my personal perspective.