Critical film review | Education homework help

 Write a 5-page review and analysis of the film using the John Dewey reading on progressive education to frame and inform your essay using at least three quotations from the reading). Is the education depicted more traditional or progressive? Is the learning more teacher-centered or student-centered? Think about how the students and teacher(s) are depicted. Is there a teacher protagonist? How are the teacher, school, and/or school system characterized? Are they portrayed through a particular philosophical lens or worldview? You might discuss topics such as promoting freedom, strengthening democracy, enforcing discipline, social control, acculturation, assimilation, and/or transforming society. Whatever issues you choose to discuss, be sure to group them into main themes, for which you provide evidence from both the film and the Dewey text. Make sure to include an introductory paragraph, in which you present your thesis and outline the paper. In the next paragraph, introduce and outline Dewey’s theory of traditional and progressive education, referencing the text. In the body paragraphs, highlight at least three ways the film connects to the text. Make explicit the thematic connections between the film and the text, explaining the meaning and significance of excerpts as if your reader has not participated in our class discussions. Finally, describe the social class context of the students and the school. How do you think the socioeconomic background of the school and its students relate to the kind of education depicted (i.e., traditional and/or progressive). Reflecting on Anyon′s Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work,″ discuss the ways that teaching methods, educational philosophies, and/or expectations of students may have been impacted by social class and what Anyon terms the ″hidden curriculum″ Some ideas for films: Stand and Deliver, Dead Poets Society, Matilda, School of Rock, Half Nelson, Freedom Writers, Mr. Holland’s Opus, To Be and To Have, Ciao Professor, The Color of Paradise, Children of Heaven, Telling Lies in America, Buddha Collapses from Shame, The Class (Entre Les Murs), Conrack, Not One Less, Au Revoir Les Enfants, Children of a Lesser God, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Educating Rita.   /4 Introductory paragraph and peer feedback submitted on time. /6 Writing is coherent, with standard syntax and grammar; APA format for in-text citations /5 Dewey analysis, with paraphrasing and statement of significance (i.e., quote sandwich) /5 Film analysis details aspects of the film that is then clearly related to Dewey /5 Film analysis of social class related to Anyon