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Discussion assignment:

250 words long

Discussion question:

· This week’s discussion board, for this last post, you are to explain two things you learned this semester and why they were memorable to you. 

The class name is VIOLENCE IN AMERICA just write about any two that you think fits. You will find attached most of the chapters you have relate to any two of the 10 chapters posted to write. 

Remember: Your posts must be 250 words of substantial content.

Here is one of the classmate responses:

Two of the most important aspects that I have learned from this class is that 1. violence in America has been an ongoing problem and there isn’t necessarily a single solution to stop it, and 2. there’s a lot of opportunity with careers and advancement when working with Customs and Border Protection. In relation to the first aspect, I introduced, is that there are so many crimes that make up the category of violent crime. These include domestic violence, terrorism, genocide, stalking, and its complicated because you can’t solve it, or even explain why people commit these crimes. You can use criminological theory, or statistics, but every circumstance is different. For instance, there may be different deterrence factors for crimes relating to domestic violence, but these deterrence factors may not be applicable to prevent crimes of terrorism, there isn’t a universal answer to stop crime related to violence. These crimes have also been occurring for many years and will continue to happen because they’re so complex. Pertaining to the second aspect I introduced, I learned a lot of information about the Department of Homeland Security, specifically with Customs and Border Protection from the guest speakers that were in class. I always wondered what the typical day to day routine was like for people who worked in this profession, and it was definitely interesting to hear what it was like. I also liked how the guest speaker spoke about the pay scale and advancement within the agency. This even entailed how there are a plethora of benefits and job openings when you have time working for the agency. Overall, I learned so many new things from this class and it has been an enjoyable semester.