Create a spreadsheet in excel to reconcile bank statement. organize


Create a spreadsheet in EXCEL to reconcile bank statement. Organize it as follows:

  • All the cells must be appropriately formatted, e.g. dollar amounts must use the accounting format, etc. Other formatting such as bold, underline and italic are expected to be used in appropriate places.
  • All the negative adjustments must be typed in as negative values. The input must be validated by using data validation tools. The values must also be displayed in RED by using conditional formatting.
  • Appropriate input controls, such as range check or length check, must be applied to attributes/elements such as check numbers.
  • All the (sub-)totals of continuous ranges must be prepared by using the aggregation functions provided in EXCEL.
  • The IF function should be used to make logical judgment.
  • Additional control features are encouraged but not required.

Use the numbers below to show how your spreadsheet works.