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Biology.  Paper details A recent clinical study demonstrated a possible connection between coffee consumption and heart health. The researchers performed a 6-week trial with 191 individuals, all of whom were heavy coffee drinkers (average of 5 cups/day) prior to the experiment, but none of whom were smokers. They divided the 191 participants into three groups: no coffee consumption, 1-3 cups/day, and 4 or more cups/day. They measured blood levels of cholesterol and homocysteine as indicators of heart health. Only the no-coffee group showed a significant drop in both indicators. Previous studies had demonstrated that decreases of the magnitude observed in the no-coffee group could cut the incidence of heart disease by 10-15%. a) What is the problem/question being studied? b) What is the hypothesis? c) What is the experimental variable? d) List the controls. e) What is being measured to test the hypothesis? You will be graded on this using the following rubric: a. Content: 15 points (Each question is worth three points for content. Partial credit may be awarded in each question when content is not mastered, but is demonstrated.) b. Grammar and spelling: 4 points c. Following directions (as posted above): 1 point

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