Computer systems | Engineering homework help

Q1.  Please provide an example of both a Type I Error and Type II Error. Why is it that increasing the sample size reduces the probability of a Type II error to an acceptable level. Please discuss. 
Note: Minimum of 200-300 words & must contain at least 2 properly formatted in-text citations and scholarly references in APA format.

Q2. Please identify a computer system you have recently had experience with (at home, work,etc.); prepare an attached  PowerPoint presentation (minimum 10 slides) describing a potential computer security problem related to that system. The target audience is a manager who you are trying to convince to investigate the potential security issues.

Suggestions on how to do PPT.

  • 1. Begin with a description of the organization and the computer system you have chosen.
  • 2. Where necessary, you may make assumptions about any specifics – please note these as such in your presentation notes.
  • 3. Draw from the assigned readings (and your independent research) to identify what topics should be included.
  • 4. If you feel that slide information is not self-explanatory, add additional details in the presentation notes.