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Read the chosen/assigned text a few times and practice using the heuristics you have learned in class to help develop a closer reading of the story. Read and re-read. Take copious notes. If you haven’t done so already, print a hard copy of the text so that you can underline important passages and write in the margins. In the early stages of brainstorming and analysis, you’ll want to develop as many ideas as possible.

At some point (usually before you begin the paper itself), you’ll need to make some decisions about the focus of your analysis. Narrow down your analysis to a specific question that your analysis seeks to explore. You may choose to develop and extend a specific argument you began to make in the Summary and Analysis Essay.

The Final Product
The final product will be a 4-page, thesis-driven analytic essay, in which you make an analytic central argument with clearly delineated supporting claims about the meaning, power, or structure of a literary text supported through the close analysis of textual evidence. Incorporation of textual evidence will be documented through MLA-style in-text citation.

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