Competing the MYOB Assignment

Student Guide to Competing the MYOB Assignment
(1) Your Case Study
(2) MYOB Software
(3) Need Help?
(4) Submitting the Assignment
This assignment requires the use of MYOB, an accounting software widely used by small and
medium size businesses to process accounting transactions.
To complete this assignment, you will need:
 Your Case Study; and
 The MYOB software.
(1) Case Study
You will be completing a Case Study which has been assigned to you in UTS Online:
Accounting B Page  Tools  My Grades  MYOB Case Study Number (in red below)
The Case Study you are completing is available on UTS online:
Accounting B Page  Assignments  MYOB Assignment
(2) MYOB Software
The MYOB software is available on all UTS computers and also available for download to use
for a free 30 day trial at
For PC users, use the AccountRight Plus Version while Mac users can use MYOB Essentials.
For PC: For Mac:
It is highly recommended (if possible) that you use a PC to attempt your assignment as the
AccountRight Plus version has greater functionality. Please note that you cannot transfer
MYOB files (.myo) between your home computer and UTS computers as the versions will
differ. UTS Computers will also wipe any files you leave on the desktop.
(3) Need Help?
There are a number of resources available to you to assist in competing the assignment:
1. Guided Case Study (UTS Online  Assignments  MYOB Assignment)
2. MYOB textbook (recommended but not required) – Available at:
3. Lecture 6 – Introduction to MYOB (Available online around the mid-session break)
4. Post a question to the UTS Online Discussion Board. Please remember to:

Check to ensure your question hasn’t already been answered in a prior post.
Please be specific in your post title.
The administrator may not to answer your post if your question has already
been answered in a previous post or the title is unclear.

5. Tips and Tricks document (UTS Online  Assignments  MYOB Assignment)
6. MYOB instructional video (UTS Online  Assignments  MYOB Assignment)
7. Bank Reconciliation Practice (UTS Online  Assignments  MYOB Assignment)
(4) Submitting the assignment
You will be submitting the assignment via a Microsoft Forms page provided by your tutor
close to the assignment due date. This will resemble the homework submission process.
In preparation for submission, you must prepare the following files and MYOB reports into
one single PDF file:
1. The Assignment coversheet
(located in UTS Online  Assignments  MYOB Assignment)
2. Your MYOB Balance Sheet
3. Your MYOB Profit and Loss Statement
4. Your MYOB Cash Receipts Journal
5. Your MYOB Cash Disbursements Journal
6. Your MYOB Receivables Reconciliation Journal
7. Your MYOB Payables Reconciliation Journal
Create the single PDF containing all the above reports by using Adobe Acrobat “Combine

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