compare these two ethical cases

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compare these two whistle-blowers cases and answer the questions.

the first case: Daniel Ellsberg ,

the second case: Everret Stern ,

Summarize your findings from the two whistle-blower cases you have investigated. Highlight the similarities and differences between the two cases.

Submit your answers to the following questions. Support your ideas with examples from the whistle-blower cases you studied.

  1. What are the moral and ethical justifications of whistle-blowing?
  2. In your view, do the actions of whistle-blowers help or hurt the society? Explain.
  3. What would you have done if you had been in the positions of the whistle-blowers in the two cases that you studied? Why?
  4. Provide an example of how someone your age could expose and publicly raise concerns about misconduct or wrongdoing.

Word limit 1000 words

single space and use Times New Roman font 12.

Marks will be deducted for spelling and grammar errors

use the attached files to help you in writing

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