Children’s Story on Hunting Gathering Societies – Essaylink


This week your assignment is children’s story. You are making a children’s story about hunting and gathering
societies. The purpose of this assignment is for you to teach children how and why we should respect and
appreciate hunting and gathering societies based on their principles of equality and based on their skills in
navigation, physical ability, botany etc. Your goal is to debunk the myth that those socities were savage and
uncivilized. Instead, get your reader to contrast the quality of life in communal societies to our lives today.
You can create any format you choose for your story: video; comic book; power point; essay format;
song/poem/musical piece etc.
You must discuss at least 3 specific examples of hunting/gathering cultures based on the videos for this week.
Use the videos and the attached reading. DONT NEGLECT OR IGNORE any of these sources. Use info you
learned in each of them for the assignment.
Look up the following terms and use all of them in your story:
1) Communal
2) Decentralized
3) Matrilineal
4) Egalitarian
5) Botany
6) Nomadic
7) Paleo Diet
8) Division of Labor
9) Prehistoric
10) Social Norm






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