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Discussion post: Where do stereotypes come from? What are some examples of Christian stereotypes present in U.S. media?

This is a two part question that requires each student to discuss where stereotypes come from. Do not simply define stereotypes but you MUST state where they come from based off the material from the textbook. There is no section in the textbook titled as such however in Chapter 5 on pages 178-179 (attached) under the section titled “Why Stereotype”, Neuliep outlines six (6) explanations for the formation of stereotypes.

Each student response MUST identify and explain at least one reason for the formation of stereotypes.

The second part of the question, asks each student to identify examples of Christian stereotypes present in the U.S. media. Please use specific examples. Vague or incomplete answers will not receive any credit.

There is no set word count for this discussion. fully answer the prompt in 2-3 paragraphs citing references from the reading.

The inclusion of references from the textbook is MANDATORY!

Ensure to use APA formatting for all in-text and reference citations.

The correct reference citation for the textbook is:

Neuliep, J.W. (2018). Intercultural Communication: A contextual approach (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Retrieved from: In text citation: (Neuliep, 2018) or Neuliep (2018)





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