Case study questions(600 words minimum)

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Uber vs Didi

1. What is the competitive advantage of Uber? How transferable is Uber’s competitive advantage to an emerging market such as China?

2. What is Didi’s competitive advantage in China?

3. How did Uber balance global standardization and local adaptation? What do you think about the initiatives/products Uber developed in China?

4. What would you do to address the regulatory issues faced by Uber in New York City vs. in Guangzhou, China?

5. Comparing the screenshots of Uber and Didi’s App interface (Exhibit 12 of the case), would you agree that Didi needs to be more focused on its service offerings, instead of over-diversification? Why/why not?

6. Would you agree with Uber’s argument that advanced booking is not an efficient business model in the ride-hailing market (Page 12 of the case)? Why/why not?