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 A 59 y.o. college professor recently experienced chest discomfort while shoveling snow, and again while climbing a flight of stairs. Six years earlier, the client had experienced an MI.  He had a positive exercise stress test , and cardiac catheterization revealed triple-vessel disease.  Coronary bypass surgery was performed, and he was referred to cardiac rehabilitation.

His laboratory data:

Resting HR 80 bpm 
Resting Blood Pressure  146/90
BMI   32.6 kg/m2
Total cholesterol:  240 mg/dl
LDL cholesterol   160 mg/dl 

About Your Assignment

Answer the following questions on the case study above. Submit your answers in this assignment portal.

  1. Why do you think coronary bypass was performed instead of angioplasty?  (.75 pts)
  2. Cardio: What mode, intensity, and why? (1 pt)
  3. Resistance training: Frequency, intensity, when? (1 pt)
  4. Flexibility: When? How will this help? (1 pts)