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The case presented in Module 3 is another real-world situation using advancements in technology to improve health care and IT governance. The Veterans Health Administration case study highlights critical factors to the VHA’s success by discussing technology infrastructure, organizational culture, and managerial leadership. The student will analyze the case in six sections in the order followed. Also, these sections must be used to format level 1 heading titles in the case report.

Broderick A. (2013, January). The Veterans Health Administration: Taking home Telehealth services to scale nationally

The Commonwealth Fund. Retrieved from

1. Give the case background and organizational environment.

2. Describe the case situation and structure of the organization.

3. Identify the key problems and issues in the case.

4. Describe how the organization responded to those issues with technology and leadership in terms of successes, failures, or unforeseen results.

5. Provide an assessment and reasons for supporting those solutions.

6. Review the case finding and conclude how the solution could be improved or propose something different.