Can you please, summit a written transcript of the interview based on


For this scholarly paper, using reminiscence, you will examine the life experiences and development of an older adult through research you conduct and by utilizing course material. This research paper allows you to synthesize knowledge about human development in the macro environment. In the first half of the paper, you will examine the developmental experiences noted through your interview in comparison and contrast to what you have learned about this developmental stage. In the second half of the paper, utilizing a macro theory reviewed in the course, you will examine how a specific change or event in history, social policy or institution impacted and played a role in the person’s life, and how the selected theory helps understand the person’s behavior and experiences.

The interviewee must be aged 70 or older and someone who is well enough cognitively and emotionally to participate. The interviewee may be someone known to you or someone you meet for the purpose of this research assignment. You may visit a residential facility or a senior community center in search of a volunteer participant, but you may not go to a nursing home.

You will generate the interview questions based on your understanding of course material, which theoretical perspective you select and what type of information you hope to learn that will be applicable to the research paper. As you formulate your interview questions, keep in mind your interview should be conducted using reminiscence as a tool.

You will need to submit an audio recording or transcription of the interview. Assure you have permission to audio record the interview.

Your research paper will cover the following areas:

Provide an overview of who the person is, how the interview was conducted, and what daily life is like for the person.

What are this person’s developmental strengths and challenges?

How do these compare to normative patterns of aging?

What did the person discuss about their identity and what is meaningful for them?

How did this compare with the discussion on identity for this developmental stage?

Have there been or are there any differing abilities? How has this impacted the person’s development and identity?

Identify the macro theory selected. What are the central tenets, strengths and limitations of the theory?

What is the identified event or period of time?

How does the selected theory help you understand how the person has been impacted by the larger macro system?

This is an academically focused, research paper which must be written and cited in accordance with the Publication Manual (6th Ed.) of the American Psychological Association (APA). You should use a minimum of five scholarly reviewed sources, one of which will be your text. The remaining four must be peer-reviewed journal articles. You may also use as many additional, acceptable and reputable internet sources as well. You may not use first person language. The research paper must be in third person. In order to encourage critical thinking, there is not a required page number for this assignment. The paper will be graded on the student’s ability to respond to prompts thoroughly without being repetitive.

Conduct the interview. A written transcript of the interview must be submitted with the paper.

Can you please, summit a written transcript of the interview based on the paper you wrote? This is one of the requirement.

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