California history discussion | Management homework help

 Chose your topic and write it here (as a reply).  I would suggest you send me a picture once you have posted the writing, so other people can see it too.   It could be a famous person, a non-famous person, a villain, a California event, an interesting place you have gone too, or want to go to, a restaurant that has been around for years, a band, a museum, a historical story that no one has ever heard of, a haunted place that is cool, a food that is California related (like fortune cookies!),  and invention or innovation, a local event, or something random.   

You can choose just about anything, so long as it has a California connection.

  • It should be at least 150 words 
  • The “who, what, where, how” of the subject,
  • an interesting fact,
  • why the topic matters. 
  • You can post a picture or link if you want.
  • Once you have submitted your topic, you need to make an evaluative comment or question to at least two other students. 

 This should be interesting, and you won’t need the book for it either

Not sure what to do, write me some of your choices!