C# and .NET programming question

I’m trying to study for my .NET course and I need some help to understand this question.

C# and .NET programming question

Write a Windows Form program that emulates a calculator. Create a Label with a title of “Super Calculator”, a textbox, where the numbers are displayed, a series of buttons labeled as shown, and three buttons: Print, Clear, and Exit. The Print button is not functional.

As the user enters the numbers, pressing the number buttons, display the numbers right justified to the textbox. When the user press any one of the operators, +, -, x, -, and /, clear the text screen and save the number as the right operand, then enter the numbers for the right operand. When the = sign is pressed, compute, and display the answer to the text screen. The .(decimal point) is considered part of a number, indicating a floating point value.

The clear button clears the screen. It allows the user to re-enter another number

Put your code and screenshots of your running program in one word document and submit. .

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