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I’m working on a Social Science exercise and need support.

Many people have been extremely critical of Mesoamerican civilizations practice of human sacrifice yet many of these civilizations (Olmec, Toltec, Aztec, Maya, Inca) were extremely sophisticated and very accomplished in various fields. Explain a contribution from one of the Mesoamerican civilizations. What are your thoughts on this civilization even in light of human sacrifice?

The book is : Janetta Rebold Benton and Robert DiYanni, Arts and Culure: An Introduction to the Humanities, Volume 1 (4th edition).

You can not simply answer the questions, you need to show your understanding about the concept and your thoughts

A bulk of your grade comes from the reviews. These are very important. To receive full credit, there must be an attempt to answer the review question but most importantly you must always answer “What do we learn about the particular civilization from reading this primary source?” You must make a connection about what the reading is saying and what we learn. For example, I do not want a summary of the Iliad, but explain what we learn about the Greeks from reading it.

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