Bpcc first year student (*twice) resume action plan

 Do a career in social services like helping homless or runaway kids an nursing home or any kind of services dealing with that

 Choose one of the career fields you researched.  Include the name of the field in your thread.  It may be your actual major, or it may be another career field from your worksheet.  

2.  Go to google.com, and type in “Sample Resume” and then the name of your career.  So if you want to be a nurse, type “Sample Resume Nurse.”  Actually, the more specific you are, the better:  “Sample Resume Pediatric Nurse.”

3.  Once the search results come up, click “Images.”  Click on a few of the resumes and take a look at them.  See what they have in common.  

4.  Read over the guidelines in the “Resume Action PlanPreview the document” handout. 

Now, answer the following questions: 

1.  What types of things are listed under “objective” in the resumes?  Give two examples. 

2.  Look at the “skills” section of a few resumes.  (They may use other wording, such as “areas of expertise.”)  What are two skills listed?  Are they skills you currently possess, or will you have to work to get them? 

3.  How much education is needed for your career field?  Does every resume list a college degree?  What else do they list under education? 

4.  What are some things listed under the “experience” section?  (Some resumes may call it “work history” or something similar.) How many years worth of experience does the typical resume list?  Does this surprise you?  Why or why not? 

5.  What are some other things included in these resumes?  For example certifications or additional experience.