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Discussion Questions

Please respond to two of the following discussion questions. The first question in red is a mandatory question. You may choose Question 2, 3, or 4 for your second question.

Use your best college-level writing, demonstrate that you can think critically about the issues raised by the talk and discussion, use evidence (from the lecture, other courses, etc.), and make sure your responses are relevant.

Your response to each discussion question must be at least 150 words
Make sure you also respond to each sub-question.
Reply to at least one other student using at least 75 words.

In her opening remarks, Sophia Gehlhausen Anderson stated that, in the American educational system, there is a bias against and a systemic omission of teaching about important Black historical figures. Let’s help combat that. Go to (Links to an external site.) and select one of the many famous people listed. Provide a brief biography of that person (think about how Ms. Gehlhausen Anderson succinctly profiled Frederick Douglass). Then tell us how that person promoted the ECCE themes highlighted in this event: recognizing the social responsibility of the individual within a larger community, and practicing awareness of and respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples in this country and in the world. Be sure to carefully cite your sources!
Dr. proposed that racial bias has influenced public policy. What solutions did he propose? What did he urge you, as students, to do once you leave the relatively diverse university environment? Thinking in terms of addressing ECCE themes (found in your syllabus), how do you propose to follow his advice?
3. Professor discussed her focus on the study of the American Dream and its historical beginnings. How does she see that the American Dream has been transformed? How has the general perception of the American Dream been transformed since this talk was conducted three years ago? In light of everything that has happened in 2020 so far, is the American Dream still possible to achieve? Explain your thoughts.
4. Student 1 reported that while no laws have yet been passed in response to the high-profile killings of our Black citizens, some actions have been undertaken and are being developed. Again, in the three years since this event took place, how effective have these actions been in curbing violence against Black citizens? Has violence against Blacks gotten worse? Explain your thoughts. What other actions/undertakings would you like to see happen?
5. Student 2 mentioned on a couple of occasions “Jim Crow” laws. To what was he referring? Some argue that there are remnants of those laws today, which might be a surprise to some. Do you see remnants of these laws? If not, and you decided to answer this question, do a little research and report on what others see.


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