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Inheritance Assignment (18 pts)

Use your biology textbook, the internet or other resources (but not other students) to answer these following questions.  The document is set to make your responses appear bold and in a different color font to make grading easier. Please do not change this. When you finish inserting your responses, save the file in a .pdf(preferred) or .doc format with your name first (i.e. Hahn Inheritance.pdf) and upload it to Titanium. Failure to upload your file in the correct format will result in a 0 for this assignment. Please cite your sources, when appropriate.

1.    (1pt) Males can produce gametes with 2 possible types of sex chromosomes whereas all of a female’s gametes will have only 1 possible sex chromosome.  Explain.




2.    (1pt) Explain why there is a 50% chance of a female and a 50% chance of a male, each time a husband and wife have a child.




3.    (2pts) Which type of sex chromosome (X or Y) carries more genes? Why?




4.    (1pt) Define “sex linkage”





5.    Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive disorder (f). A male that is healthy meets a woman that is a carrier of cystic fibrosis. They have two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is showing the early signs of having cystic fibrosis, but the girl appears to be healthy.

a.     (1pt) Complete the Punnett Square for the mother and father below








b.    (1pt) What was the probability that the son would inherit cystic fibrosis?




c.    (1pt) If they have another child, what are the odds that he/she will be healthy?





6.    Suppose that you are an explorer who has found a new species of plant. Some of the plants have red flowers (R) and some have yellow flowers (r). You decide to cross a red flowered plant with a yellow flowered plant and find that all the offspring have orange flowers.


a.    (1pt) What type of inheritance does this indicate?



b.    (1pt) Prove your answer with a Punnett Square.








7.    Carnation flowers follow the pattern of incomplete dominance. How could one create all three colors of carnations at a time (red, pink, white)?

a.    (1pt) Prove your answer with a Punnett Square.








b.    (1pt) What is the phenotype of each parent?          



c.    (1pt) What is the probability of getting:

White flowers?  


Homozygous dominant flowers?


Heterozygous flowers?


Homozygous recessive flowers?



8.    Colorblindness is a sex-linked recessive disorder. Jim and Connie recently gave birth to a son named Jerry. Jim is colorblind as is Connie’s mother. Connie’s father has normal vision.

a.     (1pt) Complete the Punnett Square for the mother and father below

b.  (2pts) Is there a chance Jerry is colorblind? Explain.