Binomial probability experiment | Statistics homework help

A binomial probability experiment is an experiment with two possible outcomes like flipping a coin (the two possible outcomes are head or tails.) 

1) Choose a binomial probability experiment.  Decide which result is a success and which result is a failure. DO NOT choose to flip a coin. Please be creative. If you’re not sure if you have chosen a binomial probability experiment, then check with your professor before proceeding.

2) You are going to do the experiment 50 times and record your results in a table, but before you do the experiment 50 times, make a guess about the probability of success.  That is, guess how many successes you will get before doing the experiment.

3) Calculate the empirical probability of success and compare it to your original guess. 

4) Write a paragraph explaining how you did the experiment, state your guess and your calculated empirical probability as a fraction, decimal and as a percentage. Then, compare your results to your guess. Were you close or were you far off?