Benchmarking and standard setting | Psychology homework help


In today’s health care environment, benchmarking is an important and common mechanism to track quality and safety, develop standards, and compare organizations. For this assignment, choose a health care setting of interest to you, such as hospitals, sub-acute rehab facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health or others, and research two organizations that rank, set standards, or benchmark organizations in this setting based off patient quality and safety.


 Your assignment should describe the benchmarking organizations and make recommendations for leaders in this setting to ensure they meet the specific benchmarking standards.

Be sure to include the following in your assignment:

  • Examination of the different benchmarking and standard-setting agencies, and their procedures for conducting surveys and determining compliance for a specific health care setting.
  • Analysis of national safety goals available through benchmarking and standard-setting organizations.
  • Evaluation of the benefits and outcomes of continuous readiness.
  • Assessment of identified risks related to a specific health care setting that could adversely impact benchmarking, ranking, and compliance with external standards.
  • Evaluation of current policy and procedure to determine if risks are controllable or uncontrollable factors.
  • Evaluation of how to link health care safety goals to those of the organizational strategic plan to create and sustain an organization-wide safety culture in a specific health care setting.