Assignment: writing persuasively consider the differences between the


Assignment: Writing Persuasively

Consider the differences between the characteristics of a literature review for academic writing and the characteristics of a review of literature for the purposes of crafting a compelling and persuasive need statement.

For this Assignment:

  • Review this week’s readings. Pay particular attention to the Persuasive Essay Samples at the Academic Help website as well as the “Why Academics Have a Hard Time Writing Good Grant Proposals” article.
  • Carefully read the Literature Review in the Week 4 Assignment: Writing Persuasively document located in this week’s Learning Resources. Focus on the scenario it describes and consider how the content in this document would be translated into a persuasive argument.

Assignment (1 page)

  • Apply the characteristics of persuasive writing to turn the Literature Review into a persuasive argument.
    Be sure that:
    • The persuasive argument begins with a strong hook or compelling statement that introduces the topic to the intended audience.
    • The position taken by the author is clearly evident throughout.
    • Word choice, tone, and points made are designed to resonate with the intended audience.
    • The persuasive argument presents a firm position that is supported by facts and examples from the Literature Review.
    • An opposing viewpoint is appropriately refuted and supported by facts and examples from the Literature Review.
    • The persuasive argument culminates with a brief compelling conclusion.

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