Assignment: critical review | Article writing homework help

Critical thinking involves asking five questions: who, what, when, where, how.

1. Find and read an article in the media or a video clip that reports the results of a scientific study.   You must include the link to the website.

2. How accurately did the mass media report the study?

3. Answer the above five questions about the article (Who, What, When, Where, and How). Refer to page 353 of your text and be sure to cover all the highlights discussed. 

Do NOT use entertainment or sports articles for your review. These are to be research based.  

You will write a one-page critical review of the article.  The review should answer each of the five questions.  You must cite your source.  If it is a website, please make sure you put the entire web address. Remember you are evaluating critically, not just summarizing. See the examples below the grading rubric: Adequately covers and answers the 5 questions, plus the summary section (10 points per section)

 60 points

Chooses a scholarly/researchable topic


Correct use of spelling/grammar/punctuation/capitalization


Meets the required word minimum (150 words) and posts word count


Follows APA formatting with parenthetical citations and referencing