Assignment 7-final psch | Psychology homework help


project consists of two tasks:

  • Complete the team contract, located in the Assignments section of the course. This is due at the end of Unit 5. (20 points)
  • You will complete a power point presentation (12-15 slides). The topic is aggression.
    • You must discuss the theories of aggression (including but not limited to Bandura and Anderson).
    • Include a title slide and your references page in APA format on the last slide of the presentation.
  • You must discuss three ages:
    • grade school;
    • high school and
    • adulthood
  • You must reference the developmental theories (such as Piaget and Erikson).

The following sections should be included to receive credit:

  • Introduction to aggression – what makes people aggressive?
  • Describe how aggressive behavior is expressed for a grade schooler; a high schooler and a 30-year-old adult. What would cause them to behave aggressively? Include references to the developmental tasks at each level.
  • Using the material on altruism, describe what would need to change to reduce aggressive behavior for each individual.

Make sure to cite all sources/references utilized for this assignment in the APA format.