Assignment 4 //gangs | Law homework help

Evaluate 3 gang related initiatives currently in place being used today in our community or in any large city in our nation.  Outline your chosen initiatives and determine whether you would consider each initiative successful.  Explain why each initiative is successful or why not.  Do not forget to cite the sources of your information.

The name of the book is “Youth Gangs In American Society”. By Randall Shelden, Sharon Tracy, and William Brown. Published in 2013. I have attached addtional infomation from the book if needed.   I have attached a reading, which is needed to complete the assignment.           

Due by  December 9, 2017 @5pm central standard time, United States. NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING AFTER 5pm CT. If additional sources are used, PLEASE HAVE A CITIATION PAGE AND SITE ALL SOURCES WITH IN THE PAPER.