Aristotle philsophy | Philosophy homework help

 Explain Aristotle’s views on the nature of the soul. For Aristotle, what is the soul? How does it relate to the physical body? What does Aristotle mean when he calls the soul the body’s “first actuality”? What sorts of things have souls and do they all have the same kind of soul? Plato raised an objection to the “harmony” account of the soul that resembles Aristotle’s that pointed out a harmony is caused by the body, whereas it is the soul that does the causing. How can Aristotle respond to this objection? 

1000 words 

 Be sure to address the prompt you have chosen fully, respond to all questions in it, define all relevant terms, and explain the arguments you discuss with a level of clarity and rigor that would be understood by someone who has not attended the class before.  

 you will be expected to provide textual support for your claims. However, you should be careful not to overuse quotations.