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Assignment Instructions

Turn-Ins:  “Button Controls” and “Text Controls”:

(A)    Create 2 programs/projects 1.”Button Controls” 2. “Text Controls”  in Android Studio. (hint: MacLean Book Chapter 3)

  1.  “Button Controls” should have one basic button, one image button (search online for free image icons), one toggle button.
  2.  “Text Controls” should have one TextView, one EditText, one AutoCompleteTextView, one MultiAutoCompleteTextView.

(B)    Run on the Emulator
(C)    Run on a real phone (optional)
(D)    Take screenshot(s) of either (B) or (C)
(E)    Put the screenshots in a Word document. Please have a cover sheet with your name and the name of the assignment. Name the file following naming convention “ENTD322Week3Assignment_First_Last.doc”
(F)    Zip your complete two projects
(G)   Submit the word document (E) and the zip file  (F) as an attachment.
Note: for turn-ins, your projects should be done using Android Studio, not Eclipse.

Rubric for Grading AssignmentMaximum PointsWord document40Java program60