Answer the questions – Organ Leader & Decision Making at Information Technology Workplace

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Question1) Discuss what power in the context of leadership is and how it relates to bullying within organizations.Also note how this impacts productivity.

Question2) Discuss what organizational culture is and how it impacts work productivity.Also, note how organizational culture impacts the success of innovation implementation.

Question3)How does culture impact leadership? Can culture be seen as a constraint on leadership?


  • Textbook
  • Bratton, J. (2020). Organizational Leadership 1st Edition Sage Publishing, Thousand Oaks, CA.ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1526460127,ISBN-10: 1526460122
  • Powerpoint of Chapter03 and Chapter04 attached – Bratton_PPT04(1)
  • APA Format 7th edition with intext citations
  • Word count 500words (not including Title page, Abstract, Conclusion and References)
  • The references should be in APA Format 7th edition

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