Answer all three questions: project: construction of a grand


Answer All Three Questions:

Project: Construction of a Grand Mosque in Samail, Al-Dakhliya region located in Sultanate of Oman with a capacity of 3,000 worshippers (2,500 males & 500 females). Assume that the design has been completed and that the contractor has been selected by the tender board but not notified yet.

Q1. Explain all bonds & insurances that will be required from the contractor throughout the construction period of this project.

Q2. Explain the procedures for all billing and payment throughout the project especially if the project contains variations like:

i. Adding an extra floor to the staff accommodation building.

ii. Repairing damages caused by exceptionally adverse climate conditions.

Q3. Explain the importance of the Labor Law using at least four (4) examples. The examples can be local or international and they may be real or hypothetical provided enough details are given.

*** Words count = 1800 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.


Laws are useful when they stop problems from happening. I would like you to give me the examples to show what would be the benefits of the Labor Law as in what would happen if we did not have those laws.

Think about the benefits to employer as well as those to the employees.