Answer 2 part assignment

I need an explanation for this Spanish question to help me study.

Part 1

La semana pasada


¿Qué hiciste la semana pasada? Describe what you did last week in Spanish. Make sure to use the preterite tense (past) and write at least 40 words.

Thene reply to 2 students

Part 2

Todo sobre mí

10 puntos _____ All sentences must be typed.

5 puntos _____ Say your full name (ej. Me Nyeisha Taylor…) (1 sentence)

5 puntos _____ Describe what you look like and your personality using adjectives (3 sentences)

5 puntos _____ Say where you are from using the correct format in Spanish (1 sentence)

5 puntos _____ Say how old you are and say when your birthday is (2 sentences)

5 puntos _____ Describe one of your friends or family member. Say their name and something about them (physical characteristics, personality or age.) (2 sentences)

5 puntos _____ Say what class subject is your favorite one and why (1 sentence) (“Mi clase favorita es ______ porque…)5 puntos _____ Mention what is your favorite season of the year and one activity that you like to do during that time (2 sentences).

Total of 12 sentences(Minimum)-All sentences must be written in Spanish. Use the Spanish textbook and the handouts as reference if you need it. Total score __________ / 60 ACCENTS: GRADING CRITERIA Regular: minus 0.5 point Diacritical: minus 1 point GENDER AGREEMENT: articles; adjectives; pronouns: minus 1 point Project due: Last Week of TermSPELLING: minus 1 point CONJUGATION: Wrong verb ending: minus 2 points Wrong stem / stem change: minus 1 point Also, Prepare a short video where you say, IN SPANISH, what you just wrote.

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