Aligned learning | Education homework help

Aligning learning objectives to instruction is an important element   of the planning process. Additionally, there will be a diverse   population of students to be considered in this process.   Differentiating instruction means instructing diverse students in   different ways to increase their likelihood of success.  

For this assignment, use the state learning standard and learning   objective chosen in Topic 2, as well as the “Class Profile,”   to complete the “Aligned Learning Activities and   Differentiation” template.

Include the following on the template:

  • Plan and explain an aligned learning activity for the     “Class Profile.”
  • Choose three students from the     “Class Profile” that require differentiation. Explain how     you will differentiate the learning activity to meet each     students’ individual needs.
  • Include an appropriate     home extension activity for each of the selected students.

Support your findings with 2-3 resources.