Airport security breaches | English homework help


This is a case analysis of airport security breaches. APA format to include all in text citations. Must have 5 sources no Wikipedia! 4pages long Times new Roman 12 pitch. I will provide an example of the exact format that must be followed.


ASCI 202

Introduction to Aeronautical Science

– Three-four pages text (maximum, include a reference page; and a title page)

– Double-spaced lines

– Times New Roman 12 pitch

I. Review what others did regarding the case

II. Diagnose the case (identify the issue/problem, define the significance of the issue/problem)

III. “Size-up” the case (determine the influence of the issue/problem, decide what was done well, and identify what could be improved)

IV. Provide recommendations (identify courses of action; what would you do differently?)

Develop a case analysis on this topic: Evaluate the pros and cons of the following: Remaining with a government-operated system of administering airport security, versus returning to privately owned and operated, contracted airport security organizations. In your evaluation, consider factors that resulted in the creation of the Transportation Security Administration. Include in your discussion San Francisco International Airport’s ability to remain secure while utilizing a private company under contract with the federal government. As always, draw upon previous module knowledge to help you conduct your analysis.

Refer to the assignment guides and rubric in the activity and ensure your case analysis conforms to the assignment requirements. Use the rubric as a guide when completing this assignment.

In order to receive full credit, assignments must be submitted by the due date. You may lose points for late submissions. No submissions accepted after the last day of the module/week. Collectively, case analyses are worth 30% of your course grade.

Upon submission, your work will automatically be evaluated through the SafeAssign plagiarism detection tool. Ensure your work is entirely your own. Cite your sources!